Contests and Prizes

$1031 in CASH

Sweets, Swag, Surprises, Spiders!

And of course, the coveted Golden Skull Trophy.

Probably the best prizes per capita in the Lower Mainland. Likely the best Halloween Costume contest in the Lower Mainland.

steampunkdsean_flipPotential Categories

  • Best Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Funniest/Cleverest Costume
  • Best Character
  • Best Group Costume

Here’s the lowdown. We have high standards for this costume contest. We want to bring out the best of the best.  Our categories are not set in stone and might be altered at the event, for example if there is no group costumes worthy of award or if the scariest costume is also the best costume (and we hope it is).  If you simply purchased or rented all of your costume, you probably won’t win. If you’re a sexy cat you probably wont win. Our judges may take the audience opinion into account, but the winner will not necessarily be the person with the loudest friends. We’re keeping this fair! Contest will be at around 11pm, and you will need to be there from about 10pm on for judging purposes.