Is this a show, or a dance, or a party?

Yes. Music will be pumping for your dancing enjoyment.  Lights and lasers aplenty. Once in a while you will delighted by either a trick or a treat. This might be a quick burlesque performance, a magic trick, a contest, a prize giveaway or some sort of crazy surprise.

Who’s organizing this evenchanging_portrait

This event is being organized by two friends and lovers of Halloween, Ben Krakowsky and Sean Covernton. Their Halloween experience includes Haunted Houses at The Museum of Vancouver, Aberthau Mansion,  The Arbutus Club, Winnipeg’s Boo at the Zoo, Fright Fest BC as well as set design for Breakfast Television and Screaming Chicken’s Abracadaver. Halloween is a year-round passion for both of them. Visit Ben’s Halloween blog for some photos of past events and costumes.

Why are you throwing this party?

We always have fun around Halloween, but year after year we’ve struggled to find the quintessential Halloween party where people who love the season all go.  We’ve also been disappointed in the various costume contests where the person with the most friends or the least clothes wins. So we decided if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself–so we are and we are doing it very, very right.

What kind of music should I expect?

Halloween classics, party music. I’ll leave what we will play vague and up to our DJ, but what we won’t be playing is top 40, techno, house etc. We most certainly will be playing The Monster Mash (and not the hipster-approved French version).

What’s the capacity?

200 guests  or thousands of crabs in human costumes.

Is this an All-ages event?

No. This is an 19+ event. Please bring the standard 2 pieces of ID with you.

I don’t have a costume and I don’t want to dress up, can I come?

No. Go to Granville Street.

My costume is so good that I don’t look like my ID, will I be allowed in?

If we can’t verify that you are who you say you are or that you’re 19 or older, we cannot let you in. If there is some doubt that you match your ID and you don’t want to remove your mask/costume in front of everyone, we can make arrangements. If you think this will be an issue, please contact us ahead of time so we can find a way to validate your ID. If your costume and makeup is that good, and we hope it is, you might need to provide some before/during/after proof photos.

Is there anything I can’t bring into the event?

Common sense time. Drugs, outside food/drink, weapons, pets. Your costume may also not have any element of open flame (well, it can, and should but not inside please). Prop weapons must be safe. Sharp blades and real guns are an obvious no. The real chainsaw with the blade still on…nope. If you have questions about this policy please contact us ahead of time. We want your weapons to be realistic, but must assure that they and you are safe.

Why are there no will-call tickets

We are not doing will-call to quicken the entry process. Please print your tickets at home or have them mailed to you. We are looking into the mobile option so you can show us the ticket on your phone.

Will there be food available?

The Butcher and Bullock will have their regular menu available until 11pm and have a late-night menu available after that. There will also be candy, because it’s not Halloween without candy! There will be a limited number of tables available, so please come early and don’t be afraid to sit with and get to know strangers a the bigger tables.

Will there be tickets at the door?

We are anticipating a sell out, so the answer at this point is maybe. If there are, it will be cash only, and there is an ATM on site

Will there be a coat check?

Unless the weather is uncharacteristically warm and dry that evening, the venue will be providing a coat check.