Hosted and magical performances by the maniacal and mysterious,

Aleister Crane


Aleister Crane has been hiding in your attic for decades making those scraping noises that keep you awake thinking, “is that a body being dragged across the floor?”

For the last couple of years he has made a point of coming out of the shadows and “entertaining” the good citizens of Vancouver with Comedy of Terrors and other ghoulish events. Tricks and treats abound wherever Aleister goes, bringing with him a despicable sense of humour, a ghoulish sense of style and often an item or two from his “Museum of Misfortune.”
Beware, kind people. Turn up the lamps and shutter your windows. Aleister Crane is in town and he knows what you’re afraid of.


Burlesque performances by the vivaciously provocative ,

Voodoo Pixie

14686657_10153815021456384_1177342836_nThe diva with bluster and a ghostly luster! Voodoo Pixie has been performing burlesque for six years in a variety of styles; known as the ‘Demented Debbie Reynolds’ and the ‘Dame of the Deep’, her love of the strange and macabre is what she is most famous for. She is the co-creator/producer of Vancouver’s only yearly horror show ‘AbraCadaver Cabaret’, co-producer and host of ‘Comedy of Terrors’ and host of the horror discussion podcast ‘Dark Entries‘. She has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame (Movers, Shakers and Innovators Night), the Vancouver Burlesque Festival, and the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. In her spare time she is an aspiring seamstress, washboard player, and podcaster.


A Special Thriller of an act by entertainer extraordinaire ,

Dianna David and friends

e2a448_6ddf96937e9441d5912690000d00cf45From mechanical engineering to clowning, from street performer to speaker, Dianna David has also always played in the space between the worlds. Her imaginative expeditions take her to places all around the world from remote, unknown islands to world-class cities. And like a true explorer she brings back stories of whimsical adventures, qwirky characters, and life-changing experiences.

In life or on stage, Dianna David moves like a master – of words, worlds, characters and plots telling stories of triumphs and transformations.






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